The Zen Product Manager wants to help you avoid the rakes that he stepped on so you can get into product management faster and accelerate your growth in the domain. Here, you’ll find real everyday tactics that you can use, so you never end another day feeling like dejected and wondering why you got into product management in the first place.

He’s been through the ups at downs (more downs than ups) of product management for over fifteen years. He’s been the requirements monkey, the order taker, the development pushover, the ProJECT Manager, he’s built products from scratch, he’s killed products, he’s led teams and many things in-between.  He even has experience on the flip side, driving product managers nuts by demanding every feature under the sun while he worked in technical support and implementation.

Luckily, after reflecting on years and years of painful repressed memories, he has evolved into the Zen Product Manager.   His snarky side still comes out sometimes, but he’ll generally let things roll off his back. He’s now ready to share tactics to help up and coming product managers deal with everyday situations.  

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